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Being Part of The Heartbeat of Around25

It's that lovely time of the year where the internship applications deadline is fast approaching and we're getting into full prepping mode for welcoming new people to our team. Yay!

But this kind of got me thinking about more in-depth aspects of Around25 and the company culture we're trying to build here.

It's mainly about the people who show up to work everyday and how their energy practically fuels our company culture.


Growing a team is a process that should be simple and easy. It should always end with the right person, otherwise it’s a waste of resources.

We say it’s a 'process' but we let it be as close as it can to the root of our company - a startup mindset.

We play our cards with transparency and openness because that’s who we are inside the company as well. We are critical in order to help each other grow. We want all your interactions to be as natural when you are on the outside as if you were already part of the inside crew.

How do you get in? That’s what we’re here to talk about. It can start off as a Google search, a shared Facebook post or a meetup you attend in our second home (also known as office).

Whichever way you get to know us, the most likely path you’ll take is applying via the careers section on our website. Or any of the other job posting websites we use. There, you can find the job description which was created to be comprehensive but also leave room for a wide variety of candidates.

For each job opening, we encourage our kick-ass team to recommend people because we believe they can bring in folks just as awesome - and proactive - as they are.


As the resumes roll in, our eyes are caught by those who have a going-the-extra-mile component, resumes submitted by people who really, deeply love what they do and therefore have a wide variety of projects in their portfolio (more on what this implies, in the link here). It’s also great if we see that you worked as a freelancer or entrepreneur, and you developed skills such as autonomy and discipline.

Bottom line is that, unlike your parents, we aren’t impressed by grades. We are impressed by results.

If we see these reflected in your CV, we’ll call you in to have a chat.

We don’t expect you to show up in a 3-piece suit. But if you do, you’d be the only one. Since it’s a discussion, we don’t want it to be one-sided. We’ll tell you about us (but we’d appreciate it if you already knew stuff about us), you’ll tell us about you, and we’ll see if we’re right for each other. Kind of like a first date.

We want to know if you have the right skills for the job and if you fit into our company culture.

We like teaming up with people who find themselves in the first part of their career and don’t have a lot of experience but most of all we want to see the potential and desire to grow.

If the people who met you (don’t worry, they won’t fill a conference table) decide that you’re the right person for the job, and the founders decide you’re in, we just have to decide when you start.

And that’s how a new chapter begins for you (with us)! If you are already checking us out, I mean you’re here, we may meet if you drop us a message - with your CV attached - here.

If you're not yet decided we're a good fit for your career, you might as well stalk our blog or social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) because I'm prepping more posts on our company culture.

Have an app idea? It’s in good hands with us.

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