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All aboard the Around25 Ship

Jumping aboard means learning how to sail a different kind of ship and getting used to the engine. It should be as easy and as effortless as possible.

We left off in the last article at how we pick new hires. Because the person can’t always come in the next day, we keep in touch by email.

Now we're going to focus on those essential first steps into our company life.

Paving the way for a new arrival

The first email after we’ve decided to start a business relationship includes all the administrative bits plus a reminder about the start date. But most importantly, it includes a link to the Onboarding Booklet, which is the manual for the newbies in Around25.

It contains information such as the company mission and values, the Around25 founders' story, as well as current objective(s) and the state of our startups.

The following section details the schedule, coffee, lunch hours and dresscode (and a reminder of where we are, in case they forgot).

We also tell them about our international interns and about all the events across our FullStack and startups' communities. The last part of the booklet includes the list of benefits and how they work, plus the contract for them to review.

Taking them in as a family means that, first, we announce their arrival. Their new team and, more importantly - their manager should be there on the first day aboard (not on holiday or in a meeting).

24h before

I’m not going to go on about the administrative part here (there are accounting blogs and sites for that - in a useful, boring way). I’m just going to say that since a new face will be joining us, we find a space for them, prepare the desk, laptop, credentials, and the indispensable welcome pack.


Diverging note:

Our newly-designed welcome pack, which is about to be handed out to everyone, includes an agenda (that has coloring pages too), pen, cotton tote bag, post-its, stickers and - because we’re us - something sweet.

The first day

Even though the person has been to our office before, meeting them at the door is still essential. They don’t know where to go so having a familiar face greet them is always good.

After letting them get cozy at their new desk, we sit for a coffee, then go on an office tour and a meet & greet.

The digital setup is up next - you know, where all the accounts get up and running. After lunch, there's a one-on-one meeting with their manager, followed by a meeting with the team they're joining.

After their first day, our new person gets to learn more and more about what it means to be part of Around25, but also about their work. We encourage people to learn constantly, to attend conferences, meetups, events, and also take courses provided by us.

Now that you are part of our team, we're ready to help you strive for more. Put on your space suit, lift-off is in 25! It's going to be a thrilling journey and next month I'll be back with a piece on how exactly we keep things interesting in our universe.

In the meantime, drop by our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. You'll get to see there how these practices turn out in real life.

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