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First time at DevTalks

I finally decided to go for my first time to DevTalks, one of the biggest IT conferences from Cluj-Napoca.

Everything seemed to be fine: the organisers promised great and interesting topics and I had the ticket ... so what could possibly go wrong? Well, the printer blocked just before printing my badge. And now the serious answer: nothing, it was awesome, I had a great time and I learned many interesting things and challenging ways of doing them. Besides that, I had the chance to meet a lot of smart and interesting people, to make a better idea of were the Romanian IT market is going to and which are some of the newest products on the market that can make our daily activities easier.

So, for the morning topic, I had two options which caught my attention: "Software Developers in a Robotic future & Programming Ethics" and "You should not become a developer". Even if I was decided a day before to go to the second one, after I arrived there I was like ...hmmm... "robotic future", sounds like "transformers" will get to life; it also started earlier. Of course, it was not about that kind of robotic future, but instead, the speakers were skeptical about the artificial intelligence and automatic machines because in the end the machine will control the human and that's why the artificial intelligence has to be mastered.

Next, I really didn't know what to choose so I remained to the main stage at "No service" by Mike Elsmore. I didn't regret it because he's a funny guy and you just enjoy what he have to say. He spoke about the PouchDB, an in-browser database and an interface of Apache CouchDB. PouchDB is used for offline applications, make them work as they do online. The data is stored locally while offline and when is back online, is synced with CouchDb and compatible servers so your data is saved no matter what. Nice !

"Go 2 Market: where more startups stop" taught you that the best thing you can do when you have a startup, it's to not wait too much before launching into the market, even if it's not perfectly or it doesn't have many features, because it will be easier for the clients/users to learn to use your product and you can improve your product by their feedback. Another thing is that you should not be interested if something alike is already developed or you don't receive encouragement or anything like these, just do it, go to the market.

A funny moment was when I mixed up the rooms and I "landed" to the web & mobile room instead of the main one. I was prepared to hear about turning transportation into a software industry and then I saw the big title: "Are we ready to use the substitute the PC/laptop with the smartphone?" (Ionut Balan). Now that was a nice surprise and I didn't regret the little mistake. Maybe in the future we will code our applications from the mobile.

At a moment, it was some misunderstanding with the speakers and topics, I missed in a way the "Startups in Romania" topic, even if I arrived in time and all I got from it was "Wholi", a startup where you have a need and your contacts will recommend you the right people doing that job. I mean you ask for example for a front-end developer or a designer just for that project and your contacts will be "heyyy I know a person who can do that". And then I ran to "Mobile marketing trends", where I got bored. Not because of the topic or the speakers, but I could not hear them properly. Also, I don't want to comment more, let's say that I would like to see more of the woman presence on the stage on this kind of events and ... with a better performance than I saw now. Because we the women we do know how to talk ... hmm ...

"Taking React to the Next Level" was a trap, because I thought the topic will be about React, but nooo, it was about Next.js, another javascript framework, but hey, it's on the top of React and it's used to build server rendered JS web apps with React.

Alex Lakatos ("DevTools Deep Dive") was another funny and interesting guy who taught us how to work with developer tools in mozilla firefox.

I am pretty sure that all the topics were interesting, but unfortunately you cannot be in more places once. At least not this time.

Even if it was overwhelming, I had a great time. That mixed feeling of pleasure & tiredness is priceless. I can't wait for the next IT conference to come!

Until then, we'll keep ourselves sharp at FullStack Cluj, we hope to see you there too!

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