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Join Our HR Team @Around25

In the land of great humans we’re looking for a people expert - someone who can find, engage, and empower outstanding members for the growing Around25 family.

This family of devs, creatives, and business-minded techies is stepping it up in 2019. For this, we need more brain power. And we need YOU.  

You = someone who:

  • Enjoys the journey - from finding a candidate, welcoming them in the company, to helping them blend in ;
  • Can effectively manage all steps in the recruitment and selection processes;
  • Knows how to organize & maintain employee folders;
  • Assists with performance reviews and tracks individual progress;
  • Understands the IT work environment (nice to have);
  • Manages benefits and plans trainings;
  • Likes organizing events (teambuilding, meetups, game nights, etc.);
  • Is capable of managing budgets;
  • Keeps track of things in the office and pays the bills on time.

To other people, all the above might look like daunting tasks but to you they're just part of a bigger scheme called empower - assist - shape up.

A lively office, a vision for your team, some crazy idea for bringing people closer - these are the kind of 'KPIs' that drive you.  

Of course, there's more to you than we can think of.

So we prepared the meeting rooms to chat with you about Around25 and your vision for it - just save your spot with a CV at working@around25.com.  

And Now About Us

We work hard every day to improve ourselves and the code we write. That's why we are: proactive, self-taught, entrepreneurial, innovative, cutting-edge, standard-bearers.

Make no mistake, however: we know we're not perfect. Foodies for life, workaholics, and sometimes too addicted to adrenaline, we may give you tough love at first but we promise you'll grow tenfold faster this way.

What you can expect from us:

  • flexible hours because we care more about getting things done than about you being in the office at 9am sharp.
  • diverse tech stack and ambitious projects.
  • the best hardware, so an Apple product shall be yours.
  • our own internal events so that we can have fun in-between kicking ass for our projects.
  • a cozy working space, goodies and homey vibes.
  • access to all kinds of learning opportunities: conferences, hackathons, workshops. Because expanding your skills will only make you a powerhouse.

If you want to be part of the family, you must be ready to take on challenges each time they arise and be in sync with our heartbeat.

How does this sound to you? Tell us at working@around25.com.