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Women, it's time to step up !

I'm Laura Pop and I work as web developer.

What I wanted to bring to light is the fact that even if more and more women work in technical domains (engineering, IT, etc), on management positions, or even better, have their own companies and successful businesses, the number of these women doesn't seem to increase enough, especially that we are already in 2017. I'm just curious "why?". It's about discrimination, lack of confidence, or maybe a little bit of both? Some of the reasons that come to my mind would be the following:

  • It's a known fact that generally, men have bigger salaries than women for the same jobs / positions. At least, Iceland is trying to make this illegal.

  • Historical events / Movies: There are so many women who changed the world, but we don't read or hear about them very often ( not in the history books and not in the Hollywood movies ... what we get instead, in the movies at least, is that almost everytime there is a female as main actor, she always need to be saved by a "masculin hero". Also, even if the movie is an action type and she has a badass role, she always looks perfect: hair, makeup, clothes. Seriously? After a fight?

  • A lot of the women from third world countries don't have the rights or the access to the education.

  • Meetups, conferences, competitions: it seems that the number of men interested in these events is bigger than the number of women ... the remaining question is why? Also, if the speaker is a woman, well, she doesn't seem to know how to talk, at least at the topics I was to.

  • Society / Education: As little girls, we are raised to be beautiful, soft, delicate and caring, oriented to family / motherhood, like the princesses from our fairy tales. Sad, but true, these stories are all the same: a girl is in need and she always needs a savior. Never takes the problem in her own hand ... and solves it. The truth is that anybody can take it's own destiny in their own hands and do extraordinary things. Dear parents, teach and raise your daughters that it's no need to always look and behave like a princess, but it's a must to act like a warrior to obtain what they desire.

With all these said, another question appears: it's really about discrimination / lack of confidence? Or it's an attitude problem from our part? Maybe excuses, carelessness, lack of motivation?

Anyway, let's not forget that the first programmer, Ada Lovelace, was a woman. So no matter what is the reason for you not to step up, please reconsider your thoughts: believe in yourself, learn more and work harder. Because at the end of the day, you will realize that is not even about being a man or a woman ... it's only about being a good professional and for that, there is no excuse. So, dear women, step up and shine, it's time to run the world !

In the end, if you have a story, some advices or anything you want to share with us, please comment or send an email to [email protected] (or my personal email [email protected] ). Also, you can check this video "Why we have too few women leaders" by Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook.

Thanks and stay tuned ! We will prepare an event on this theme! If you've got any suggestions for it, please share!

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