Women, it's time to step up !

I'm Laura Pop and I work as web developer. What I wanted to bring to light is the fact that even if more and more women work in technical domains (engineering, IT, etc), on management positions, or even better, have their own companies and successful businesses, the number of these women doesn't seem to increase enough, especially that we are... »

As an intern

Since you’re reading this, I guess that you would like to know the truth. And without too many fancy things, the truth is that I wanted an internship with all my heart. Why? Because at this moment, I don’t see anything bigger in my life than my passion. Because I think it’s the time to offer, to... »

First time at DevTalks

I finally decided to go for my first time to DevTalks, one of the biggest IT conferences from Cluj-Napoca. Everything seemed to be fine: the organisers promised great and interesting topics and I had the ticket ... so what could possibly go wrong? Well, the printer blocked just before printing my badge. And now the serious answer: nothing, it was awesome,... »

Building a Raspberry Pi stack

Two years ago, on a Friday morning at work, I bought my first Raspberry Pi, I didn't really knew what I was gonna use it for but I really loved the idea of a pocket computer so I got one and for the better part of the year that followed I used it as a media server attached to a... »

Hacking @ StartupWeekendCluj

Last year we participated in the global hackathon organized by Koding.com at HackSummit. We really had a great time there and we wanted to participate this year as well, but sadly they did not continue with the event. It's a big shame. For us it was a great opportunity to bond as a team, learn something new and try... »

Building a strong team

Recently I started listening to an audio book about productivity and it made me realize just how important the connections you have with the people in your team are to your overall results, as well as how it impacts your personal growth. We have long sought to bring the right people into Around25 and while most of our decisions were... »

10 years later

On December 27th we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Around25. Back in 2005 Paul and I were two college freshmen moving to Cluj from a small town 60 km away. We were always passionate about Computer Science even before we even had our first PC. It's this common interest that helped us become best friends in the first place... »

Refactoring to FullStack

When we started the AngularJs Cluj Meetup we wanted to improve our knowledge of a framework we loved using every day by meeting other people with similar interests and sharing our knowledge with those that are just starting out. We wanted to peek the interest of great developers so that we can learn from each other and not have a... »