Since you’re reading this, I guess that you would like to know the truth. And without too many fancy things, the truth is that I wanted an internship with all my heart. Why? Because at this moment, I don’t see anything bigger in my life than my passion. Because I think it’s the time to offer, to try different things, to test, to see what happens, and to fail. You would be surprised to know how ready I am to fail. And again.. Why?

Hmm, I see this as a part of the process. My parachute may not open right away. But as Steve Harvey says, “You have to jump!”. So I jumped. I don’t know when it will open, but I’m sure that one day I’m gonna soar. Till then, I have to jump several times.

The last reason (because it’s always easy to begin with the good part) is that I wanted an internship so much… because of all the things that I’m eager to learn, but school doesn’t teach me.

It’s (already) been three months since I’m an intern at Around25. And copywriting is what I do here. So, I write. And everyday I try to do my best. Of course, there are days when I feel like I should go home and maybe try anything else. Like delivering pizza (so everyone would love me). But there are also days when I’m feeling so proud of what my brain can deliver, speaking of delivering…

Ups and downs, just like… Life!

Oh, and about the pizza part, of course I was joking. Nothing and no one can convince me that this is not where I belong. If you have to write bad at the beginning to become a good writer one day, then here I am. And I got nothing but time.

This journey started right when another one ended. I participated at a competition, with two people that share my passion. It was about marketing, so we received a brief from a company. We had about three weeks to deliver what they requested. Without too many details, the Pitching Day has come, and I can say that we did it..! We won the big prize, but the big prize for me was the fact that I had the chance to meet new people. People that work in marketing, so they can share their knowledge with me.

So this is how I met Silvia. She was our mentor in that project, and now she is the Marketing Manager at Around25. Celebrating the victory with my team, having a drink, I told her about which part of marketing I do love the most. When she heard that I would love to write, she asked me if I would like to be an intern, so I can have the chance to practice and see how it feels. Because I’m here now, you can guess my answer. I was so happy knowing that I’m about to do what I love. That I’m about to jump!

Looking back now, I don’t know how the time has flown. All this time I had the chance to practice. To see how it really feels, to work with real people, with real tasks and real deadlines. From flyers to emails, from brochures to posters, I enjoyed every little thing. Every campaign I worked at.

But beyond my work, I enjoyed the time spent here. I think that the atmosphere and the way people interact inside a company is crucial, and it can be seen in their work. It feels good to have nice people around you (#around, see what i just did?). I think that it helps a lot to know how to have fun and how to relax, not only to work like a psychopath. Knowing when to play ping-pong or football, knowing when to tell a joke and knowing when to have a barbeque or a gaming night is very important to me, in a company. It creates a bond that lasts. It makes you feel like you belong there. Or, at least, this is what I felt. And I also learned that the hardest task happens in the morning, when you have to decide what are you going to eat that day, so you have to make your mates an offer they can’t refuse.

Probably it would take me another three months to tell you how it felt, but I can simply say that it was a pleasure. A pleasure to work with people that understand. A pleasure to take part at events with them, or at different meetups. A pleasure to have brainstorming sessions and then to make it happen.

In the end, I believe that something that motivates you is way better than something that you have to search motivation for, in order to make it happen. It feels good to wake up in the morning and to leave the house as soon as you’re ready, not to struggle to make it at a certain hour.

Maybe Around25 looks like a company from outside. But from the inside, it looks more like a family, one full of very passionate and ambitious people!

Cătălin Bădilă
Copywriter Intern

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by Silvia Oprea

All around, Get-it-Done Marketing Wiz

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