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Before you apply …

Are you sure you want to spend your summer with us? It’s two months of your life. Instead of sleeping, laying in the sun, clubbing etc. you are going to think abstract, write real code and witness first hand the power of having a seasoned full-stack developer at your side.

Don’t worry if you fall asleep at 7PM every night when you go home. It’s perfectly normal. Your brain needs to rest because every day we pump it into high gear. Why? Truth be told it’s because college does not prepare you for the industry. Teachers try to shape your mind towards abstract thinking but they cannot cover all tools, processes, frameworks, languages used in real life coding.

This is where the internship comes in. Over 60 days we aim to bring you to a level where you speak our language: pull request, blame, inject, anti-pattern, best practice, elegant solution, bug and more. What we are building is the foundation of your future career. If it’s not SOLID you’ll soon find out.

Remember that the skills and knowledge you acquire are yours to take home. We might offer a position but ultimately what you’ve learned is now part of who you are as a professional in this industry.

You’ll have 2–3 colleagues at most and a full time developer as your teacher/mentor/nanny/boss… call it as you will. He or she is always there to answer, but also to ask. It’s a two way street.

The internship is not a random activity. We plan ahead, create a weekly and daily agenda, strive to be on time while marking sure that we don’t cut corners. Three or four developers are going to be in charge. They take turns so that you can experience working with various people from our team.

If you're serious about applying, you should read our post about what we look for in CVs.

We are all unique and so are you. Let’s take the time to know each other because it’s equally important that we click on a personal level. You get to eat with us, debate with us, have fun with us, play Counter-Strike/ping-pong/Catan with us, have ice cream with us and feel the pressure of deadlines with us, because life ain’t all rainbows and sunshine for developers.

If you want to get an idea about what life at Around25 is like, look us up on Facebook or Twitter!