Building a strong team

Recently I started listening to an audio book about productivity and it made me realize just how important the connections you have with the people in your team are to your overall results, as well as how it impacts your personal growth. We have long sought to bring the right people into Around25 and while most of our decisions were... »

10 years later

On December 27th we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Around25. Back in 2005 Paul and I were two college freshmen moving to Cluj from a small town 60 km away. We were always passionate about Computer Science even before we even had our first PC. It's this common interest that helped us become best friends in the first place... »

Refactoring to FullStack

When we started the AngularJs Cluj Meetup we wanted to improve our knowledge of a framework we loved using every day by meeting other people with similar interests and sharing our knowledge with those that are just starting out. We wanted to peek the interest of great developers so that we can learn from each other and not have a... »

What the internship taught me

My first experience with web development was working as a freelancer. I mostly used Wordpress to build blogs and small websites. At that time I considered myself an experienced frontend developer with a considerable portfolio. I was also a student at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca at the time and following the courses of a computer science college gave... »

What is a Senior Software Engineer?

When you start out, writing code is all you can think of doing. You want your little corner of the world in which nobody bothers you and where you can spend your time in an IDE, learning new things and writing code. Once you are forced to get out of that bubble you see that companies want you to join... »

One in ten

We announced our summer internship on May 12th. Since then it's been two and a half weeks during which more than one hundred people applied. The majority of you study Computer Science, so you are the future generation of software developers in Cluj-Napoca. The problem is that most applicants are happy with going to school and doing their homework. We... »

Before you apply …

Are you sure you want to spend your summer with us? It’s two months of your life. Instead of sleeping, laying in the sun, clubbing etc. you are going to think abstract, write real code and witness first hand the power of having a seasoned full-stack developer at your side. Don’t worry if you fall asleep at 7PM... »

How we lost the Hackathon!

Losing a hackathon sucks, but not understanding why sucks even more. We heard about the Koding Hackathon a few months ago. My colleagues got excited about the idea of spending a weekend to test their limits and bring a product to life so we applied. Most of us had never been in a hackathon before but were eager to learn... »