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Refactoring to FullStack

When we started the AngularJs Cluj Meetup we wanted to improve our knowledge of a framework we loved using every day by meeting other people with similar interests and sharing our knowledge with those that are just starting out.

We wanted to peek the interest of great developers so that we can learn from each other and not have a boring meetup where the only scope was to be thought something, but rather contribute with your own ideas, opinions and personal feelings... to be be part of something.

We did not have any hidden agenda, didn’t know how to grow a community or how to keep people coming back. Still we held the meetings the only way we knew how: by keeping them casual and open so everyone had the opportunity to speak out and share their own experiences.

That helped us become one of the largest tech communities in Cluj. Thank you all for actively participating and being part of our journey!

Over the course of this year our focus has shifted away from AngularJs towards other frameworks, programming languages, architectures and many other topics we barely touched on in the past.

This need to learn more, to do more needs to be reflected in the name of the meetup and in the way it is organised. Therefore after many discussions we are pleased to announce that we will be changing the name of the meetup to FullStack Cluj. This will allow us to be more in sync with the technologies we use every day and help us take part in something bigger, gather more knowhow and become true experts in our field.

To get things started we will schedule the following meetups:

In order to keep the communication going outside the scheduled meetups we also created these social media accounts:

A community of full stack developers also needs a place to push their code to, so we created a Github account where any code samples we present or work on can be posted by the presenters:
We invite you to share, tweet, push, pull and contribute to make FullStack Cluj the home of all developers.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next meetup!

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by Cosmin Harangus

CTO Around25
  • Cluj Napoca, Romania

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