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This month in Around25 #17

Hi, and welcome back! 👋

Last time, this whole space down below was filled with React Native content. Now, it spans across 7 articles that are as diverse as you can get: from Redux implemented with hooks to simplifying design, failed estimations and data graphing. Enjoy!


  1. Google’s Go Essentials For Node.js / JavaScript Developers

👨‍💻 From a loosely typed language (JS) to a strongly typed one (Go). A brain dump of knowledge for Google’s Go language. From Darius.


  1. Why you should stop avoiding conflict in the workplace

🙋‍ Conflict debt that piles up inside organizations. Plus Managing feedback and disagreements. From Ale.


  1. Mistakes, we’ve drawn a few

📈 Misleading charts, confusing charts and charts that fail to make a point. Plotting data mistakes & fixes straight from The Economist. Recommended by Ioana.


  1. Fantastic Faults and What to Call Them

🙀 What makes distributed systems hard. How to handle and classify faults to keep a system reliable. From Daniel.


  1. How to simplify your design

🌱 Don't try to do everything. Limit the number of choices your user has to make. And draw attention. Recommended by Robert.


  1. Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model

📊 People estimate the median completion time well, but not the mean. The blow-up factor. From Darius.


  1. Implementing Redux Architecture using React-Hooks

🔧 Moving from react-redux libraries to implementing the Redux architecture using hooks. An article from Cosmin.

That's it for this edition. As always, keep reading!

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