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This month in Around25 - Issue #7

Here's a discussion I want to propose: how do you write useful error messages or update notes? And useful for whom?

For the past month, I've been collecting update notes (that I found relevant) from the apps I use. As you'll notice in the examples below, app creators tend to divide into two groups. There are those that aim to provide a detailed explanation of the changes, so you have a fair understanding of what you're updating to. On the opposite side, there are those that tell you, in one way or another, that it's not your business what they're changing or fixing and that your only concern should be to always keep up to date.

I believe the two approaches are both appropriate, each for a type of audience. The casual end-user does not care about two-factor authentication or scrollview smoothness. Neither does he understand what this means. So for this part of the audience, a message that's saying "we are always looking to improve your experience" works great. I, as a developer, am not satisfied with just that. I want to know what you did, what changed and what's fixed. I could argue that it is even a little bit fairer this way.

Slack or Letterboxd are doing just that. Their update notes are always to the point: we did this and that. Plus, some sugar on top: "Fixed: two-factor authentication would ocasionally become four-, six-, or eight-factor authentication" or "Our notifications can now tell right from wrong". Others, like Spotify or Messenger are keeping it lightweight.



This type of communication might not be useful for everyone, but I can bet developers tend to appreciate it and I surely enjoy it.

Now, ready for some knowledge?


  1. Akimbo Podcast
    The host of Akimbo is Seth Godin and I believe that should be enough for you to check it out. An audio recommendation from Cosmin.


  1. Git magic Book
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    Microinteractions and elements choreography. Recommended by Robert.


  1. JavaScript has already won Article
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  1. Engaging employees starts with remembering what your company stands for Article
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  1. Be the change you want to see in your company: Gib Bulloch at TEDxPlainpalais Talk
    Gib Bulloch wants to prove that it is not only for NGOs to be addressing the world's big issues. A TED Talk recommendation from Andrei.


  1. Is the era of management over? Article
    Hierarchical management mode is no longer suited for the challenges of the modern economy. Every pillar of a traditional organization is now in flux. Recommended by Alin.

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