We're looking for a talented UI/UX intern!

Position Type: UI/UX Intern Description: At Around25 we are starting our autumn internship program where we take young passionate designers and walk them through a two month process where we teach them how to get into the mind of their users and design clean interfaces that require zero accommodation period. In this internship you will learn how to: Design... »

Life of an international intern at Around25

Melissa joined us for 2 months working as a marketing and business development intern. She is originally from Hong Kong and is now studying at Durham University in the United Kingdom. Melissa has been on certain international projects across different continents, so we believe her multi-cultural exposures help bringing in new insights for us. Now that her internship has ended,... »

As an intern

Since you’re reading this, I guess that you would like to know the truth. And without too many fancy things, the truth is that I wanted an internship with all my heart. Why? Because at this moment, I don’t see anything bigger in my life than my passion. Because I think it’s the time to offer, to... »

What the internship taught me

My first experience with web development was working as a freelancer. I mostly used Wordpress to build blogs and small websites. At that time I considered myself an experienced frontend developer with a considerable portfolio. I was also a student at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca at the time and following the courses of a computer science college gave... »

One in ten

We announced our summer internship on May 12th. Since then it's been two and a half weeks during which more than one hundred people applied. The majority of you study Computer Science, so you are the future generation of software developers in Cluj-Napoca. The problem is that most applicants are happy with going to school and doing their homework. We... »

Before you apply …

Are you sure you want to spend your summer with us? It’s two months of your life. Instead of sleeping, laying in the sun, clubbing etc. you are going to think abstract, write real code and witness first hand the power of having a seasoned full-stack developer at your side. Don’t worry if you fall asleep at 7PM... »