Hacking @ StartupWeekendCluj

Last year we participated in the global hackathon organized by Koding.com at HackSummit. We really had a great time there and we wanted to participate this year as well, but sadly they did not continue with the event. It's a big shame. For us it was a great opportunity to bond as a team, learn something new and try... »

Building a strong team

Recently I started listening to an audio book about productivity and it made me realize just how important the connections you have with the people in your team are to your overall results, as well as how it impacts your personal growth. We have long sought to bring the right people into Around25 and while most of our decisions were... »

10 years later

On December 27th we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Around25. Back in 2005 Paul and I were two college freshmen moving to Cluj from a small town 60 km away. We were always passionate about Computer Science even before we even had our first PC. It's this common interest that helped us become best friends in the first place... »

The snowball effect of a good project

Last year I started working on a new project. You know those kinds of projects where you do the same thing over and over again and you don’t learn anything new? The kind of project that makes you question why oh why have I become a developer? This wasn’t one of them. This project has everything a great... »

The battle of two wills

Getting out of the outsourcing business is hard. Even more so if you are not doing it alone and you have people depending on that type of business. Paul and I started our small company in the second year of college. Back then we were doing a lot of freelancing to have a bit of extra income and we thought... »

A new way of working

I have been working in outsourcing since I started Around25 back in 2006 and I had the chance to work on some very interesting projects and meet cool clients along the way. Along with the team we have grown to handle some pretty large projects, while also keeping a friendly working environment based on personal collaboration rather than corporate guidelines.... »