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This month in Around25 - Issue #11

I was thinking about what I'm going to rant about this time and then I realized this: most of us have been vacationing, myself included.

As a consequence, no ranting this month. I'll keep it quiet. This August everybody's been lying on some beach or climbing a mountain top. Oh well, except the interns. They had a lot on their plate, plus a Demo Day last Friday.


Bonus photo, Florina and Piter, on their ride to work.

Let's jump right in, shall we?

  1. The adventures of lab ED011—“Nobody would be able to duplicate what happened there” Article

The story of ED011, a computer lab from the University Politehnica of Bucharest, where the Internet was free of charge and the connection to the Western world was much strived for. Recommended by Ioana.

  1. How to deploy an app to production with an actual button Article

Guess what? You can deploy your app using a physical button as the trigger. Here's a tutorial from the Github Blog, recommended by Darius.

  1. Micro Interaction; great experience for user engagement Article

Microinteractions breakdown from UX Planet. They say that in today’s web design era micro interactions are the essence and their absence can make a site seem bland. Also, when Emilia posted the article in our thread, Robert responded with this. So if you're looking to dive into microinteractions, these two can provide a good basic understanding.

  1. Create your own crypto-currency with Ethereum Article

Cosmin recommended this as being a good (and long) article about smart contracts in Ethereum, directly from the source. It teaches how you can use Ethereum to issue a token that can represent anything you want. If you're planning on using NodeJS, make sure to also check out this one.

  1. How to think like a programmer — lessons in problem solving Article

A quick look on creative problem solving, based on V. Anton Spraul's book. Recommended by Silvia.

These being said, I hope your September is filled with wholesome reads. As for us Around25ers, we've got a teambuilding to start packing for. By the way, this is last year's one. See you soon!

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