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ChainCreator is: a community, a market and an exchange. All under one brand, but three different platforms. The mission they signed up for is to create a safe, sustainable and competitive environment for startups that start their ICO and deliver on their promises. Blockchain is changing the world, ChainCreator is reinventing crowdfunding and Around25 is driving the technology behind.


Set up a blockchain, write smart contracts, implement automated tests and do atomic swaps between ether and all ERC20 compliant tokens are just some of the things we already have experience with. If writing Smart Contracts is becoming mainstream, doing Atomic Swaps is more complex. It is at the heart of implementing a decentralized exchange with escrow. For example, instead of two transfers taking place, i.e. the exchange of goods followed by the exchange of money, a single, dependent transfer swaps both values at once.

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Your SavingsIn Bitcoin

You can easily buy Bitcoin by simply making a payment to a bank account. Bittr uses the Bunq bank API and the Bitcoin Core RPC to watch for incoming transactions and distribute them between multiple bitcoin addresses. The payments are exchanged at multiple Bitcoin exchanges like Kraken, GDAX and Bitstamp. Everything from the bank transfer to the exchange and deployment is part of an automated process that does not require any human intervention.

IN-APPBitcoin Payments

Gobu will most likely be the first on-demand booking app in the world to support Bitcoin payments. Even post-launch we still hustle, knowing how critical it is for a consumer app to stay ahead of the game.