Life at Around25

Friendship and getting better are the things that keep us together. Our office is more than a workplace; rather, it's an inspiring space where we learn and grow, a universe where we innovate, play, experiment, smile and love. For us working at Around 25 is not just a job, it’s our life.

Hackathons for skills sharpening

Creativity is the key in today’s world. Every now and then a 48-to 72-hour coding marathon is a breath of fresh air. It’s that time when you are totally focused on delivering in a very limited amount of time with minimum sleep. Incredible teamwork will save the day and lead your way to destiny. This is also how some of our own products were born, and how our developers are trained to turbo their brains during the product development stage!

320 Square meters of awesome office space

Equipped with Apple hardware all around, transparent meeting rooms, an open work space, with plenty of sunlight, large windows, a generous terrace, comfy chairs, break room, coffee, fruits and other treats, it’s the perfect space where the team can spill ideas and easily interact. We all come to work with a smile on our faces, because friends are always around at Around25.

When we are not at the keyboard

We play table tennis, enjoy Counter-Strike evenings, have the occasional barbecue, relax in bean bags, read great tech books, celebrate holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. We take the time to clear our mind before we dive back in and write that awesome code.

Sometimes we get out of town for more adrenalin

At Around25 the people you meet at work will quickly become your friends. Out of work we love to go out of town together, eat, hike, watch movies and play games. This helps us gather great memories and build stronger ties. Time spent together is golden and the pictures couldn’t describe how much fun we have.

Happy employees,
happy workplace

At Around25, we believe that our team is our greatest asset. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our everyday goal is to make our employees happy and fulfilled in their jobs. That’s why we invest in keeping the team motivated, challenged and engaged.